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We help where help is needed

Since almost 60 years, the Cerebral foundation has supported more than 9600 affected children and their families throughout Switzerland. We help wherever public funding or insurance policies cannot.

By making a donation to support people with cerebral palsy and their relatives, you help to:

  • Simplify their difficult day-to-day life
  • Enable recovery and relaxation
  • Promote mobility
  • Permit access to skilled, comprehensive advice in difficult life situations


IBAN: CH53 0900 0000 8000 0048 4

Swiss Foundation for children with cerebral palsy, Erlachstrasse 14, P.O. Box, 3001 Berne

What is cerebral palsy?

It is the result of damage to the brain suffered during pregnancy, birth or shortly afterwards.

If treatment is commenced at an early stage, people with mild cerebral palsy can lead almost independent lives as adults. Severely disabled people are reliant on care and assistance their whole lives – and on your support.


Specific examples of how we help

Teaser - Fahrschule

Specially converted driving school cars and contributions towards driving lessons

Teaser - Therapien

Therapies that promote abilities

Teaser - Wohnmobil

Wheelchair-accessible caravans for carefree holidays